Transforming a selection

So far you've moved selected images and inverted the color of a selected area. But there are many more things you can do with a selection. In the following steps, you'll see how easy it is to rotate a selected object.

Before you begin, make sure the fountain pen is selected.

1 Choose View > Fit on Screen to resize the document to fit on your screen.

2 Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and drag the fountain-pen selection to the area just below the book and off center to the left of the book.

3 Choose Edit > Transform > Rotate. The pen and selection marquee are enclosed in a bounding box and the pointer appears as a double-headed arrow

4 Move the pointer outside the bounding box and drag to rotate the pen to a jaunty angle. Then press Enter to commit the transformation.

5 If necessary, select the move tool (\.) and drag to change the position of the pen. When you are sure that you're satisfied with the pen position, choose Select > Deselect.

6 Choose File > Save.

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