Using the Info bar

In Photoshop, the Info bar is positioned at the lower border of the application window (Windows) or the lower border of the image window (Mac OS). This area displays the current magnification, an area for specific choices of information types, and context-sensitive information about the currently selected tool. In ImageReady, the Info bar appears at the lower border of the image window.

You can click an arrow button on the Info bar to open a pop-up menu of different categories of information. Your selection from the menu determines what kind of information appears next to that arrow on the Info bar.

Note: The pop-up menu on the Info bar is not available if the window is too small.

Photoshop Info bar ImageReady Info bar

By default, the file size for the active image appears in the Info bar. The first value indicates the size if saved as a flattened file with no layer data; the second value indicates the size if saved with all layers and channels.

In ImageReady, you can use the percentage pop-up menu in the Info bar to change the view of an image by a preset zoom percentage. For complete information on the ImageReady Info bar options, see "Looking at the Work Area" in ImageReady 7.0 online Help.

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