Using the multilingual spelling checker

Now that you've designated the dictionaries that Photoshop will use for different text within your file, you're ready to review the text for spelling errors.

1 In the Layers palette, click the eye icon (») for the The Frinds of the Flowers layer without selecting it, so that both text layers appear in the image window. Since these are right on top of each other, you won't be able to read the text easily, but that is OK for now.

2 Choose Edit > Check Spelling. The Check Spelling dialog box appears, indicating that the word Montreal is misspelled in French because it lacks an accent over the letter e.

3 Click the Change button to accept the suggested replacement, Montreal.

The text in the image changes, and the display in the dialog box also changes, now indicating that the word Frinds is not in the English: USA dictionary. Notice that the Change To option is (probably) Finds—not the word you want.

4 In the Suggestions list, click the word Friends to select it in the Change To option, or type Friends to enter the word manually. Then click Change.

5 If a message appears indicating that the spell check is complete, click OK.

6 Alternately click the eye icons on and off for the Les Amis des Fleurs and The Friends of the Flowers text layers to see the two versions of the text.

7 Choose File > Save to save the image with one flattened layer and two unflattened text layers.

Notice the change in file size in the Info bar. Although your file size has grown slightly, it is still not nearly as large as the completely unflattened project would be.

Your image for the garden event is now complete.

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