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The Photoshop Navigator palette lets you scroll an image at different magnification levels without scrolling or resizing an image in the image window. (ImageReady does not have a Navigator palette.)

1 If you don't see the Navigator palette, choose Window > Show Navigator to display it.

2 In the Navigator palette, drag the slider to the right to about 300% to magnify the view of the skater. As you drag the slider to increase the level of magnification, the red outline in the Navigator window decreases in size.

3 In the Navigator palette, position the pointer inside the red outline. The pointer becomes a hand.

Dragging slider to 200% 200% view of image View in Navigator palette

4 Drag the hand to drag the red outline to different parts of the image. In the image window, notice that the area of the image that is visible also changes as you drag in the Navigator palette.

You can also draw a marquee in the Navigator palette to identify the area of the image you want to view.

5 With the pointer still positioned in the Navigator palette, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and draw a marquee over an area of the image. The smaller the marquee you draw, the greater the magnification level in the image window will be.

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