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The Photoshop Save For Web dialog box has all of the optimization capabilities of ImageReady. You can compare two or more versions of a file as you work, so that you can adjust optimization settings until you have the best possible combination of file size and image quality.

1 With the 14Start1.psd file open and active in Photoshop, choose File > Save for Web.

2 In the Save For Web dialog box, click the 4-Up tab to view four versions of the image.

Photoshop automatically generates three different sets of optimization settings, besides the original image. Notice the information listed under each view of the image, including the file size and the number of seconds required to download the image. The first pane shows the original file. The second, third, and fourth panes show different combinations of optimization settings for the image, including the file format (such as GIF or JPEG) and color-reduction algorithm (such as Selective, Perceptual, or Web).

3 In the lower-left corner of the Save For Web dialog box, select 200% or higher from the Zoom Level pop-up menu so that you can see the details of the image, and then click the preview at the upper right to deactivate the zoom option.

Compare the preset views of the different optimization settings.

4 Hold down the spacebar, so that the pointer becomes a hand, and drag the image so that the Tropical Rainforest text (in the center of the image, over the green parrot) is visible in all four views of the image. Again, examine the details closely so that you can see the differences among the optimized views.

Save For Web

| Original \Optimized \2-Up ^ 4-Up \ (j

r j ยป

Original: " 14Start 1 .psd" 518K

GIF 100% dither 94K Selective palette 34 sec @ 28.8Kbps 256 colors


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