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Now you'll create the effect of strawberries shaking inside the logo text.

1 Choose File > Open, and open the file Logo3.psd from the Lessons/Lesson16 folder.

2 In the Layers palette, make sure that both the Strawberries and Text layers are visible.

To make the strawberries appear only through the shape of the logo text, you'll create a vector mask.

3 In the Layers palette, select the Strawberries layer. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), position the pointer over the solid line dividing two layers in the Layers palette until the pointer changes to two overlapping circles (<g), and click the dividing line between the layers. Or, you can do the same thing by choosing Layer > Group with Previous.

J Layers


| Normal

tl Opacity: 110096 I

Lock: !□ |^|<t|a| Unify:|,tl%l«fel







io-IQIIq i ai s

I Layers \ '>

| Normal tj Opacity: |lOO« | t \

Lock: !□ |^|<t|a| Unify:|,tl%l«fel


f Strawberries



JXJ5 Text

i ii©.nana i ai a

Notice that the strawberries now appear masked by the logo text. The thumbnail for the Strawberries layer is indented with a downward-pointing arrow (0, indicating that the layer is grouped with the layer that precedes it.

4 In the Animation palette, click the Duplicate Current Frame button. For the second animation frame, you'll reposition the Strawberries layer.

5 In the Layers palette, make sure that the Strawberries layer is selected. Then in the toolbox, select the move tool (*-..).

6 In the image window, drag the Strawberries layer slightly to the right, or use the arrow keys to move the layer.

7 Click the Play button (>) to play the animation. The strawberries move from side to side inside the logo. Click the Stop button (_i) to stop the animation.

8 Choose File > Save Optimized As, name the file Logo3.gif, and click Save. ImageReady saves the animation as a GIF file using the current settings in the Optimize palette.

You can also preview the animation in the browser, using the methods you've already learned in this lesson. When you finish, return to ImageReady.

9 Choose File > Close to close the original file without saving changes. You are now finished with your work on Lesson 16.

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