Viewing individual layers

The Layers palette shows that the file contains three layers in addition to the Door layer, some of which are visible and some of which are hidden. The eye icon (») to the far left of a layer name in the palette indicates that that layer is visible. You can hide or show a layer by clicking this icon.

1 Click the eye icon next to the Door layer to hide the door.

2 Click again to redisplay it.

Leave the other layers at their original settings, whether hidden or shown. Selecting and removing some pixels from a layer

Notice that when you moved the door image onto the garden image in the start file, you also moved the white area surrounding the door. This opaque area blocks out part of the garden image, since the door layer sits on top of the garden background layer.

Now you'll use an eraser tool to remove the white area around the door.

1 Make sure that the Door layer is selected. (To select the layer, click the layer name in the Layers palette.)

The layer is highlighted, and a paintbrush icon ( ■ ) appears to the left of the layer name, indicating that the layer is active.

2 To make the opaque areas on this layer more obvious, hide the garden by clicking the eye icon (») to the left of the Background layer name.

The garden image disappears, and the door appears against a checkerboard backdrop. The checkerboard indicates transparent areas of the active layer.

3 Select the magic eraser tool (^ ), hidden under the eraser tool ( ).

You can set the tolerance for the magic eraser tool. If the tolerance is too low, the magic eraser tool leaves some white remaining around the door. If the tolerance setting is too high, the magic eraser tool removes some of the door image.

4 In the tool options bar, enter different values for Tolerance (we used 22), and then click the white area surrounding the door.

Notice that the checkerboard fills in where the white area had been, indicating that this area is now transparent also.

5 Turn the background back on by clicking the eye icon box next to its name. The garden image now shows through where the white area on the Door layer was removed.

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