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In Adobe Photoshop, you create and edit type directly on-screen {rather than in a dialog box) and quickly change the font, style, size, and color of the type. You can apply changes to individual characters and set formatting options for entire paragraphs. In this part of the lesson, you'll learn about working with type by adding text to your logo.

When you click in an image with the type tool CO to set an insertion point, you put the type tool in edit mode. You can then enter and edit characters on the currently targeted layer; however, you must also commit your editing in the layer or reject them before you can perform other operations, which you can do in several ways.

If you select another tool in the toolbox, this automatically commits your text changes. Or, on the tool options bar, you can click the Commit Any Current Edits button {y ) to accept the text edits or click the Cancel Any Current Edits button { J) to reject them. Any of these actions takes the type tool out of edit mode.

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