What You'll Do

®In this lesson, you'll create a brush tip and modify its settings, then you'll use it to paint a border. This new brush tip will be wide and have a distinctive shape that adds an element of mystery to the image.

Understanding Brush Tips

You use brush tips to change the size and pattern of the brush used to apply color. Brushes are stored within libraries. In addition to the default brushes that are available from the Brush Preset picker list, you can also select a brush tip from one of 12 brush libraries. You can access these additional libraries, shown in Figure 9, by clicking the Brush Preset picker list arrow on the options bar.

Learning About Brush Tip Modifications

You can adjust the many brush tip settings that help determine the shape of a brush. One factor that influences the shape of a brush stroke is jitter. Jitter is the randomness of dynamic elements such as size, angle, roundness, hue, saturation, brightness, opacity, and flow. The number beneath the brush tip indicates the diameter, and the image of the tip changes as its values are modified. Figure 10 shows some of the types of modifications that you can make to a brush tip using the Brushes palette. The shape of the brush tip pointer reflects the shape of the brush tip. As you change the brush tip, its pointer also changes.


Brush tip libraries

Rename Brush... Detete Brush

Text Only Srhal ThumbnaJ Larije Thmrtsniil fjriJ Lut Lar^e List Strote Thunfcnal

Preset Merger ...

Reset Brushes.. Load Crushes... Save Brushes... Repixe Brushes...

Assorted Brushss Basic Brrjihes celtflraph* Brushes DropSh&^Erufhes &v Merfia Brushes Faux Finish Brushes Natural Brushes 2 Natural Brushes Specif! Effect: Brushes Square B'ushes TtndL Heavy Brushes wet Me±* Brushes


Brush tip libraries

Available libraries

Controls the size of the brush's hard center

Brush Preset picker list arrow

Available libraries


You can open the Brushes palette to change a brush tip by clicking the Brushes palette tab in the palette well, or by clicking the Toggle the Brushes palette button on the options bar.

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