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Understanding Lighting Effects

The Lighting Effects filter in the Render category off the Filter menu allows you to set an atmosphere or highlight elements in your image. You can select the style and type of light, adjust its properties, and tex-turize it. The preview window displays an ellipse that shows the light settings and allows you to position the light relative to your image, so that it looks like the light in the image is coming from a specific source. You can drag the handles on each circle, ellipse, or bar to change the direction and distance of the light sources. Figure 25 shows how you can position the light using the Soft Spotlight style.

Adjusting Light by Setting the Style and Light Type

You can choose from over a dozen lighting styles, including spotlights, floodlights, and full lighting, as shown in Figure 25. After you select a style, you choose the type of light—Directional, Omni, or Spotlight, and set its intensity and focus. Directional lighting washes the surface with a constant light source, Omni casts light from the center, and Spotlight directs light outward from a single point. As shown in Figure 26, you can adjust the brightness of the light by using the Intensity slider. You can use the Focus slider to adjust the size of the beam of light filling the ellipse. The light source begins where the radius touches the edge of the ellipse. The Light type color swatch lets you modify the color of the light. You can also create custom lighting schemes and save them for use in other images. Custom lighting schemes will appear in the Style list.

Adjusting Surrounding Light Conditions

You can adjust the surrounding light conditions using the Gloss, Material, Exposure, or Ambience properties, as shown in Figure 26. The Gloss property controls the amount of surface reflection on the lighted surfaces. The Material property controls

In this lesson, you'll add a lighting effect to the Sunflower LEFT layer.

the parts of an image that reflect the light source color. The Exposure property lightens or darkens the ellipse (the area displaying the light source). The Ambience property controls the balance between the light source and the overall light in an image. The Properties color swatch changes the ambient light around the spotlight.


Lighting Effects dialog box

Handles change direction and distance of light source

Light source and direction

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