An Art Stic Filter

What You'll Do

In this lesson, you'll apply the Poster Edges filter from the Artistic category to the Sunflower RIGHT layer and adjust the contrast and brightness of the layer.

Learning About Artistic Filters

You can dramatically alter an image by using Artistic filters. Artistic filters are often used for special effects in television commercials and other multimedia venues.

Using Artistic Filters

There are 15 Artistic filters. Figure 6 shows examples of some of the Artistic filters. The following list contains the names of each of the Artistic filters and their effects.

■ Colored Pencil has a colored pencil effect and retains important edges.

■ Cutout allows high-contrast images to appear in silhouette and has the effect of using several layers of colored paper.

■ Dry Brush simplifies an image by reducing its range of colors.

■ Film Grain applies even color variations throughout an object.

■ Fresco paints an image with short, rounded dabs of color.

■ Neon Glow adds a glow effect to selected objects.

■ Paint Daubs gives an image a painterly effect.

■ Palette Knife reduces the level of detail in an image, revealing underlying texture.

■ Plastic Wrap accentuates surface details and makes the contents of a layer appear to be covered in plastic.

Learning about third-party plug-ins

A plug-in is any external program that adds features and functionality to another while working from within that program. Plug-ins enable you to obtain and work in additional file types and formats, add dazzling special effects, or provide efficient shortcut modules. You can purchase Photoshop plug-ins from third-party companies, or download them from freeware sites. To locate Photoshop plug-ins, you can use your favorite Internet search engine, or search for plug-ins on Adobe's Web site:

■ Poster Edges reduces the number of ■ colors in an image.

■ Rough Pastels makes an image look as if it is stroked with colored pastel chalk ■

on a textured background.

■ Smudge Stick softens an image by ■ smudging or smearing darker areas.


Examples of Artistic filters


Examples of Artistic filters

Sponge creates highly textured areas, making an object look like it was painted with a sponge. Underpainting paints the image on a textured background. Watercolor simplifies the appearance of an object, making it look like it was painted with watercolors.

Adjusting Filter Effects

You can change the appearance of a filter by using any of the functions listed under the Adjustments command on the Image menu. For example, you can modify the color balance or the brightness/contrast of a layer before or after you apply a filter to it.

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