Apply a gradient fill


Gradient fill applied to Background layer


Gradient fill applied to Background layer

1. Click the Click to open Gradient picker list arrow to close the Gradient picker.

I TIP You can also close the Gradient picker by pressing [Esc] (Win) or [esc] (Mac).

2. Drag the Gradient pointer -* - from 100 X/ 100 Y to 215 X/210 Y using the Info palette and the guides to help you create the gradient in the work area.

3. Click the Indicates layer visibility button |

on the Chili Peppers layer.

The Chili Peppers layer appears against the new background, as shown in Figure 23.

TIP It is a good idea to save your work early and often in the creation process, especially before making significant changes or printing.

4. Save your work.

You applied the gradient fill to the background. You can create dramatic effects using the gradient fill in combination with foreground and background colors.

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