Apply an Artistic filter with the Filter Gallery

1. Click the Sunflower RIGHT layer on the

Layers palette.

2. Click Filter on the menu bar, click Filter Gallery, then move the image so that it is visible in the preview window (if necessary). The Filter Gallery displays thumbnails of each filter in the current category, so you can see a quick overview of what effects are available.

TIP The settings available for a filter in the Filter Gallery are the same as those in the individual dialog box that opens when you click the category name in the menu.

3. Click the triangle to the left of the Artistic folder [>, then click Poster Edges.

4. Type 5 in the Edge Thickness text box.

The Edge Thickness determines the settings of the edges within the image.

5. Type 3 in the Edge Intensity text box. The Edge Intensity setting gives the edges more definition.

6. Type 3 in the Posterization text box, then compare your dialog box to Figure 7.

The Posterization setting controls the number of unique colors the filter will reproduce in the image.

7. Click OK, then compare your image to Figure 8.

Using the Filter Gallery, you applied the Poster Edges filter to the Sunflower RIGHT layer. The right-most sunflower now looks less realistic than the flowers next to it, and has poster effects.


Poster Edges filter in Filter Gallery dialog box

Pinter Edfips (100XJ


Poster Edges filter in Filter Gallery dialog box

Pinter Edfips (100XJ

Position image in preview window


Poster Edges filter applied to layer


Poster Edges filter applied to layer

Effect of Poster Edges filter


Image adjusted

Sunflowers.psd @ 100% (Brightness/Contrast 1, Layer

Brightness and contrast adjusted on layer

Adjust the filter effect

1. Click Layer on the menu bar, point to New Adjustment Layer, then click Brightness/Contrast.

2. Select the Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask check box, then click OK. The effects of the adjustment layer will be limited to the active layer.

3. Type 20 in the Brightness text box.

4. Type 15 in the Contrast text box, then click OK.

5. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 9.

You adjusted the brightness and contrast of the

Sunflower RIGHT layer.

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