Blending Pixels

You can control the colors and form of your image by blending pixels on one layer with pixels on another layer. You can control which pixels from the active layer are blended with pixels from lower layers on the Layers palette. You can control how the pixels are blended by specifying which color pixels you want to change. If you set the Blend If color to Red, then all pixels on the layer that are red will be blended based on your new settings. Blending options are found in the Layer Style dialog box. You can control how these pixels are blended by choosing a color as the Blend If color, and using the This Layer and Underlying

Layer sliders. The Blend If color determines the color range for the pixels you want to blend. You use the This Layer sliders to specify the range of pixels that will be blended on the active layer. You use the Underlying Layer sliders to specify the range of pixels that will be blended on all the lower—but still visible—layers. The color channels available depend on the color mode. For example, an RGB image will have Red, Green, and Blue color channels available.


Color channels contain information about the colors in an image.

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