Change type color using an existing image color

1. Press [CtrIHA] (Win) or ®[A] (Mac) to select all the text.

2. Click the Set the font family list arrow on the options bar, scroll down, then click Times New Roman. TIP Click in the Set the font family text box and you can select a different font by typing the first few characters of the font name. Scroll through the fonts by clicking in the Set the font family text box, then pressing the [UpArrow] or [DownArrow].

3. Click the Set the font style list arrow,then click Bold Italic.

4. Click the Set the text color button H on the options bar. TIP Drag the Color Picker dialog box out of the way if it blocks your view of the image.

As you position the pointer over the image, the pointer automatically becomes an Eyedropper pointer.

5. Click the i mage with the Eyedropper pointer ^ anywhere in the letter "T" in the book in the lower-right corner at approximately 600 X/610 Y. The new color is now the active color in the Color Picker dialog box.

6. Click OK in the Color Picker dialog box.

7. Click the Commit any current edits button ^ on the options bar.

Clicking the Commit any current edits button accepts your changes and makes them permanent in the image.

8. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 3.

You changed the font family, modified the color of the type by using an existing image color, and committed the current edits.

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