Changing the Size of a Marquee

Not all objects are easy to select. Sometimes, when you make a selection, you might need to change the size or shape of the marquee.

The options bar contains selection buttons that help you add to and subtract from a marquee, or intersect with a selection. The marquee in Figure 11 was modified into the one shown in Figure 12 by clicking the Add to selection button. After the Add to selection button is active, you can draw an additional marquee (directly adjacent to the selection), and it will be added to the current marquee.

One method you can use to increase the size of a marquee is the Grow command. After you make a selection, you can increase the marquee size by clicking Select on the menu bar, then by clicking Grow. The Grow command selects pixels adjacent to the marquee that have colors similar to those specified by the Magic Wand Tool. (The Similar command selects both adjacent and non-adjacent pixels.)


While the Grow command selects adjacent pixels that have similar colors, the Expand command increases a selection by a specific number of pixels.

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