Using Clipping Masks, Paths, & Shapes


Enhancing Color 10-2

Using Tools to Adjust Colors 10-2

Reproducing Colors 10-2


Correct and Adjust Color 10-4

Making Color Corrections 10-4 Using a Color Management System 10-4 Balancing Colors 10-4 Modifying Curves 10-5 Analyzing Colors 10-5 Tasks Modify color balance settings 10-6 Modify curves 10-7


Enhance Colors by Altering Saturation 10-8

Understanding Saturation 10-8

Using the Sponge Tool 10-8

Using the Hue/Saturation Dialog Box 10-8

Using Saturation to Convert a Color Layer to

Grayscale 10-9

Tasks Saturate a color range 10-10

Saturate using the Sponge Tool 10-11


Modify Color Channels Using Levels 10-12

Making Color or Tonal Adjustments 10-12 Correcting Shadows and Highlights 10-12 Task Adjust color using the Levels feature 10-13


Create Color Samplers with the Info Palette 10-14 Sampling Colors 10-14 Using Color Samplers 10-14

Using the Info Palette 10-14 Manipulating Color Samplers 10-15 Tasks Create color samplers 10-16

Apply a color sampler and filter and add a lighting effect 10-17


Working with Shapes 11-2 Defining Clipping Masks and Paths 11-2 Creating Paths 11-2


Use a Clipping Group as a Mask 11-4 Understanding the Clipping Mask Effect 11-4 Rasterizing Text and Shape Layers 11-5 Using Transform Commands 11-5 Tasks Transform a type layer for use in a clipping mask 11-6

Create a clipping mask 11-7 LESSON 2

Use Pen Tools to Create and Modify a Path 11-8

Using Pen and Shape Tools 11-8 Creating a Path 11-8 Modifying a Path 11-8 Tasks Create a path 11-10 Modify a path 11-11

LESSON 3 Work with Shapes 11-12 Using Shape Tools 11-12 Creating Rasterized Shapes 11-12 Creating Shapes 11-12 Embellishing Shapes 11-13 Tasks Create a shape 11-14

Create and modify a custom shape 11-15


Convert Paths and Selections 11-16 Converting a Selection into a Path 11-16 Converting a Path into a Selection 11-17 Choosing the Right Method 11-17 Tasks Convert a selection into a path 11-18 Stroke a path 11-19



Working with Type 12-2 Transforming and Warping Type 12-2 Using Type to Create Special Effects 12-3


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