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When you are finished working on an image, you need to save and close it. You can close one file at a time, or close all open files at the same time by exiting the program. Closing a file leaves Photoshop open, which allows you to open or create another file. Exiting Photoshop closes the file, closes Photoshop, and returns you to the desktop, where you can choose to open another program or shut down the computer. Photoshop will prompt you to save any changes before it closes the files. If you do not modify a new or existing file, Photoshop will close it automatically when you exit.


To close all open files, click File on the menu bar, then click Close All.

Using Adobe online

Periodically, when you start Photoshop, an Update dialog box might appear, prompting you to search for updates or new information on the Adobe Web site. If you click Yes, Photoshop will automatically notify you that a download is available; however, you do not have to select it. You can also obtain information about Photoshop from the Adobe Photoshop Web site (www.adobe.comlproductslphotoshoplmain.htmT), where you can link to downloads, tips, training, galleries, examples, and other support topics.


Closing a file using the File menu


Closing a file using the File menu

DESIGNTIP Using a scanner and a digital camera

If you have a scanner, you can import print images, such as those taken from photographs, magazines, or line drawings, into Photoshop. Remember that images taken from magazines are owned by others, and that you need permission to distribute them. There are many types of scanners, including flatbed or single-sheet feed. See your instructor to learn how to use the scanner in your facility. You can also use a digital camera to create your own images. A digital camera captures images as digital files and stores them on some form of electronic medium, such as a floppy disk or SmartMedia card. After you upload the images from your camera to your computer, you can work with images in Photoshop.

You can open a scanned or uploaded image (which usually has a .JPG extension or another graphics file format) by clicking File on the menu bar, then by clicking Open. All Formats is the default file type, so you should be able to see all available image files in the Open dialog box. Locate the folder containing your scanned or digital camera images, click the file you want to open, then click Open. A scanned or digital camera image contains all its imagery in a single layer. You can add layers to the image, but you can only save these new layers if you save the image as a Photoshop image (with the extension .PSD).

Close a file and exit Photoshop

1. Click File on the menu bar, then compare your screen to Figure 42.

2. Click Close.

TIP You can close an open file (without closing Photoshop) by clicking the Close button in the image window. Photoshop will prompt you to save any unsaved changes before closing the file.

3. If asked to save your work, click Yes (Win) or Save (Mac).

4. Click File on the menu bar, then click Exit (Win) or click Photoshop on the menu bar, then click Quit Photoshop (Mac).

TIP To exit Photoshop and close an open file, click the Close button in the program window. Photoshop will prompt you to save any unsaved changes before closing.

5. If asked to save your work, click No.

You closed the current file and exited the program by using the Close and Exit (Win) or Quit (Mac) commands.

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