Convert a type layer to a shape layer

Click the Real Bark'n News layer on the

Layers palette.

Click the Layers palette list arrow * |.

Click Duplicate Layer.

TIP When duplicating a layer, you have the option of keeping the duplicate in the current image, placing it in another image that is currently open, or in a new image, by clicking the Document list arrow in the Duplicate Layer dialog box, then clicking another filename or New.

Type Screened back type in the As text box, then click OK.

Click the Indicates layer visibility button 9

on the Real Bark'n News layer on the Layers palette, then compare your Layers palette to Figure 19.

6. Click Layer on the menu bar, point to Type, then click Convert to Shape, as shown in Figure 20.

The type layer is converted to a shape layer. Figure 21 shows the Layers palette (with the converted type layer state and vector mask thumbnail) and the History palette (with the Convert to Shape state).

In preparation for screening back type, you created a duplicate layer, then hid the original from view. You then converted the duplicate layer into a shape layer.


Duplicate layer

I Layers. ' Oiar.nek \ Path; ■ , I

11 NQHVrtl

v opacity: 100% > 1

I Lockt □ •!• B F»l| 100% >"j|



' Uv. Yorkshire

Gourmet Bones EdNI____f * A

51 Effects /

» Stroke y


Screened back type | 11



Real Bark'n News v

iil (5. J _d 5

Hidden layer


History and Layers palette

History ' Actions \



B Stroke

Ouplieate layer


| Layer! ' Chjr>r«li\f>i)ihi\_ y formal v Opacity t 100% >

| Layer! ' Chjr>r«li\f>i)ihi\_ y formal v Opacity t 100% >

New torkshire a

Renamed duplicate layer


Layers menu

Duplicate Layer...


Layer Properties... Layer Styte

New HI Layer New Ad»uStment Layer

Layer Mask Vector Mask

Create Cfppng Mask AJt+ttrl+G Smart Obiecti

Layer Mask Vector Mask

Create Cfppng Mask AJt+ttrl+G Smart Obiecti

Raster ee

Create Work Path Convert to Shape

Raster ee

New Layer Based Slice

</ Horizontal Vertical

Hide Layers

Grovp Layers


i/ Anti-Atas Sharp Anti-Alias Crisp Artl-Aias Strong Anti'Afias Smooth

Anti*AJias None

•Converts a type layer to a shape layer


Convert To Paragraph Text

Merge Visible Flatten Image


Vector mask thumbnail


Levels dialog box

Channel: KGB

it Levels: 80 255

it Levels: 80 255

OK Cancel


0 Preview

Midtones slider Shadows slider

Screened back layer

f! New VorksMre.psJ rp 50S1 (Lojsr 1, RGB/6f)

Adjust layer content


Screened back type

Click Layer on the menu bar, point to Change Layer Content, then click Levels.

Did you notice that when the Levels dialog box opened, the fill color of the letters became transparent so the letters are formed by outlines?

Drag the Input Levels midtones slider to the left, until the middle Input Levels text box reads 1.90.

The content of the layer is now less transparent. Drag the Output Levels shadows slider to the right until the left Output Levels text box reads 80 as shown in Figure 22.

The content of the layer now looks brighter.

Click OK.

Click Layer 1 on the Layers palette. The path surrounding the text disappears, making the modifications more visible.

Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 23.

You modified the midtones and shadows levels on the shape layer to make the text less transparent. You adjusted the Output Levels shadows slider to make the pixels that make up the text appear brighter.

What You'll Do

In this lesson, you'll use the Gradient Tool to make text appear faded in one area and brighter in another. You'll also apply a lighting filter.

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