Create a gradient from a sample color

1. Verify that the Eyedropper Tool is selected.

2. Click a purple flower in the image at coordinates 245 X/450 Y.

I TIP To accurately select the coordinates, I adjust the zoom factor as necessary.

3. Click the Switch Foreground and Background Colors button on the toolbox.

4. Click Light Yellow Pepper on the Swatches palette (the new swatch you added) with the Eyedropper pointer ^.

5. Click the Indicates layer visibility button 9

on the Chili Peppers layer.

6. Click the Background layer on the Layers palette to make it active, as shown in Figure 21.

7. Click the Paint Bucket Tool on the toolbox, then press and hold the mouse button until the list of hidden tools appears.

8. Click the Gradient Tool on the toolbox, then click the Angle Gradient button Q on the options bar (if it is not already selected).

9. Click the Click to open Gradient picker list arrow on the options bar, then click Foreground to Background (the first gradient fill in the first row), as shown in Figure 22.

You sampled a color on the image to set the background color, changed the foreground color using an existing swatch, selected the Gradient Tool, and then chose a gradient fill and style.


Chili Peppers layer hidden

"ift Chili Shop.psd $ 100% (Background, RGB/8)

Click to open — Gradient picker list arrow

Foreground to Background (current foreground and background colors)

Background layer is active

Yellow Pepper swatch

Background layer is active ay*

Peppers layer is hidden


Gradient picker


Gradient picker

Gradient styles

-Gradient picker

Gradient styles

-Gradient picker

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