Create a layer from a selection

1. Click the Elliptical Marquee Tool Q on the toolbox, then verify that the Feather setting is set to O px.

2. Drag the Marquee pointer around the face of the swimmer with the yellow cap from approximately 800 X/660 Y to 1300 X/1070 Y.

3. Click Layer on the menu bar, point to New, then click Layer via Copy.

A new layer containing the selection is created and is the active layer.

4. Click the Swimmers layer on the Layers palette.

5. Drag the Marquee pointer around the swimmer with the yellow cap but slightly smaller than the oval used in Step 2 from approximately 830 X/670 Y to 1260 X/1050 Y.

6. Click Layer on the menu bar, point to Layer Mask, then click Hide Selection.

A layer mask is placed over the selection on the Swimmers layer. The mask will be used to conceal pixels while highlighting the image of the swimmer's face.

7. Hide the rulers.

8. Click the Zoom Tool A on the toolbox.

9. Press and hold [Alt] (Win) or [option] (Mac), click the image until the zoom level is 25%, then release [Alt] (Win) or [option] (Mac).

10. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 9.

You created a new layer from a selection, then added a layer mask to a selection.

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