Create an alpha channel from a selection

1. Click the Elliptical Marquee Tool O on the toolbox, then set the Feather setting on the options bar to 0 px (if it is not already set to 0).

2. Drag the Marquee pointer -j- from approximately 10 X/10 Y to 685 X/590 Y, then compare your image to Figure 4.

3. Click the Save selection as channel button

Q| on the Channels palette.

4. Double-click the Alpha 1 thumbnail on the Channels palette, then click the color box in the Channel Options dialog box.

5. Verify that the Red option button is selected in the Color Picker dialog box (R=255, G=0, B=0), then click OK.

6. Verify that the opacity setting is 50% and that the Masked Areas option button is selected, then click OK.

7. On the Channels palette, click the RGB layer, then click the Indicates channel visibility button for the Alpha 1 channel to view the alpha channel.

The combination of the red alpha channel color overlaying blue produces pink.

8. Click Select on the menu bar, click Deselect, then compare your image to Figure 5.

9. Save your work.

You used the Elliptical Marquee Tool to create a selection and then saved the selection as an alpha channel. You also verified the alpha channel color and reviewed the results by viewing the alpha channel.

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