Designtip Using multiple filters

Sometimes, adding one filter doesn't achieve the effect you had in mind. You can use multiple filters to create a unique effect. Before you try your hand at filters, though, it's a good idea to make a copy of the original layer. That way, if things don't turn out as you planned, you can always start over. You don't even have to write down which filters you used, because you can always look at the History palette to see which filters you applied.


Unsharp Mask dialog box


Type with Gaussian Blur filter


Type with Gaussian Blur filter

No longer a type layer

Modify filter settings

1. Drag the default background patterns in the preview window of the dialog box to position the type so it is visible.

2. Drag the sliders in the Unsharp Mask dialog box until 250 appears in the Amount text box, 6 appears in the Radius pixels text box, and 85 appears in the Threshold levels text box, as shown in Figure 24.

4. Save your work. Compare your modified type to Figure 25.

You modified the Unsharp Mask filter settings to modify the appearance of the layer.

Creating a neon glow

Want to create a really cool effect that takes absolutely no time at all, and works on both type and objects? You can create a neon glow that appears to surround an object. You can apply the Neon Glow filter (one of the Artistic filters) to any flattened image. This effect works best by starting with any imagery—either type or objects—that has a solid color background. Flatten the image so there's only a Background layer. Click the Magic Wand Tool on the toolbox, then click the solid color (in the background). Click Filter on the menu bar, point to Artistic, then click Neon Glow. Adjust the glow size, the glow brightness, and color, if you wish, then click OK. (An example of this technique is used in the Design Project at the end of this chapter.)

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