Distort an image with the mesh feature activated

1. Position the Bloat pointer © over the area of the highest orange balloon (between the pink and yellow balloons), press and hold the mouse button until you see the mesh being distorted, then release the mouse button.

2. Repeat Step 1 on the blue area above the lowest orange balloon.

3. Click the Forward Warp Tool in the

Liquify dialog box, then change the brush size to 25.

4. Drag the Forward Warp pointer © in the bottom edge of the baby's pink skirt so that it forms spikes, as shown in Figure 18.

5. Click the Mesh Size list arrow, then click Large.

The gridlines appear larger.

6. Click the Show Mesh check box

0 Show Mesh to turn off the mesh.

8. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 19.

9. Close the image, then exit Photoshop.

You added new distortions to the image and modified the mesh size. After viewing the distortions with the larger mesh, you turned off the mesh and viewed the image.


Power User Shortcuts to do this: use this method:

Bloat an area

Filter > Liquify, orB

Change freeze color

Filter > Liquify, Mask Color list arrow

Change mesh color

Filter box

> Liquify, select Show Mesh check

Gray v

Change mesh size

Filter > Liquify, select Show Mesh check


Medium v

Change brush size

Filter > Liquify. I1<w hi or [[] or []]

Freeze pixels

Filter > Liquify, fc? or F

Open Liquify dialog box

Filter > Liquify or [Shift][Ctrl][X] (Win) or jx] [shift][X] (Mac)

Pucker an area

Filter > Liquify, O or S

Reconstruct pixels in an area

Filter > Liquify, V. or R

to do this:

use this method:

Reflect pixels in an area

Filter > Liquify, >"<j or IV1

Return image to prewarp state

Click Restore All in Liquify dialog box, click Cancel in Liquify dialog box, or drag state to ^ on the History palette

Shift pixels in an area

Filter > Liquify, !:;«• or 0

Thaw frozen pixels

Filter > Liquify, or D

Turn mesh on/off

Filter > Liquify, □ Show Mesh

Turn Backdrop on/off

Filter > Liquify, □ Show Backdrop

Twirl an area clockwise

Filter > Liquify, £ or C

Warp an area

Filter > Liquify, & orW

Key: Menu items are indicated by > between the menu name and its command. Blue bold letters are shortcuts for selecting tools on the toolbox.


The Photoshop Liquify feature lets you move pixels within an image. Pixels can be pushed, rotated, or dragged towards or away from the center of a brush tip, or perpendicular to a brush stroke. You can use the Liquify feature to copy or randomly scramble parts of images. This feature can be used to create weird and bizarre imagery (such as giving someone a really wild hairdo), or to make subtle changes to imagery (such as removing some unwanted pounds from someone's waistline). Parts of an image can be protected from change by freezing and then thawing selective areas, and modifications made during a Liquify session can be reconstructed using a variety of settings.

What You Have Learned:

• How to distort images with Liquify tools

• How to modify Liquify settings

• How to control the Liquify session by freezing and thawing

• How to reconstruct distortions

• How to visualize distortions using the mesh

• How to change the mesh display

Key Terms

Freeze The ability to lock areas within an image so they are unaffected by Liquify tools.

Liquify feature Applies distortions to layers using distinct tools in the Liquify dialog box.

Liquify session The duration from when you open the Liquify dialog box until it is closed.

Mesh A series of horizontal and vertical gridlines superimposed on the Liquify preview window.

Thaw The ability to return areas within an image so they can be affected by Liquify tools.


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