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Compare Figures 1 (the original image) and 2 (the distorted image). As you can see from the altered image, you can use this feature to make drastic changes in an image. The following Liquify tools were used for the distorted image:

■ The Twirl Clockwise Tool was used repeatedly on the topmost book.

■ The Pucker Tool was used on the third book eight times. (The Pucker Tool pulls the pixels toward the center of the brush tip.)

■ The Bloat Tool was used repeatedly on the sixth book. (The Bloat Tool pushes pixels away from the center of the brush tip, which can create a more subtle effect.)

In this lesson, you'll use the Warp Tool in the Liquify dialog box to create distortions.


You can use distortions to create wild effects or to make subtle mood changes within an image. You can also use the Liquify tools to endow a person with instant weight gain—or weight loss!

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