Learning about Motion filters

When you apply a Blur filter, keep in mind how you want your object to appear—as if it's moving. Blur filters smooth the transitions between different colors. The effect of the Blur More filter is four times stronger than the Blur filter. The Gaussian Blur filter produces more of a hazy effect. The direction of the blur is determined by the Angle setting—a straight horizontal path has an angle set to zero. The Motion Blur filter simulates taking a picture of an object in motion, and the Radial Blur filter simulates zooming or rotation. You can use the Smart Blur filter to set exactly how the filter will blur the image.

1. Start Photoshop, open PS 8-1.psd from the drive and folder where your Data Files are stored, then save it as Sunflowers.

TIP If you see a message stating that some text layers need to be updated before they can be used for vector-based output, click Update.

2. Click the Default Foreground and Background Colors button on the toolbox to display the default settings.

TIP It's a good habit to check Photoshop settings and display the rulers before you begin your work if you'll need these features.

3. Click the Indicates layer visibility button 9

on the Sunflower LEFT layer on the Layers palette.

4. Click the Indicates layer visibility button on the Sunflower RIGHT layer on the Layers palette.

5. Click the Indicates layer visibility button ®

on the Sunflower CENTER layer on the Layers palette.

6. Click the Red bar layer on the Layers palette to make it active. Compare your Layers palette to Figure 3.

7. Click Filter on the menu bar, point to Blur, then click Motion Blur.

I TIP The last filter applied to a layer appears at the top of the Filter menu.

You set default foreground and background colors, hid three layers, then opened the Motion Blur dialog box.

Apply a Blur filter

1. Position the red bar in the preview window with the Hand pointer reducing or enlarging the image with the buttons beneath the preview window so it displays in the center.

The red bar image is repositioned from the lower area to the center of the preview window.

2. Verify that 0 is in the Angle text box.

I TIP In this case, increasing the angle results in a thicker bar.

3. Type 100 in the Distance text box, then compare your dialog box to Figure 4.

TIP You can also adjust the settings in the Motion Blur dialog box by dragging the Angle radius slider and Distance slider.

The Motion Blur filter is applied to the Red bar layer and the Motion Blur state appears on the History palette. You repositioned the Red bar layer in the preview window and then applied a Motion Blur filter to the layer.


Motion Blur dialog box

Magnifies image

Reduces image


Motion Blur dialog box

Settings can be adjusted using text boxes or sliders

Reducing blur with the Smart Sharpen Filter

You can use the Smart Sharpen Filter to remove or reduce blurriness. This filter can be used to remove blur effects in images created by Gaussian Blur, Lens Blur, or Motion Blur filters. The Smart Sharpen Filter is available by clicking Filter on the menu bar, pointing to Sharpen, then clicking Smart Sharpen. Using the Smart Sharpen dialog box, you can change the amount as a percentage and the radius in pixels of the settings. You can choose the type of blur to be removed from the image.

Getting some perspective

In the real world, the perspective of objects that are moved away from you changes as well. If you use Photoshop to stretch the top of a skyscraper, to maintain proper perspective the modified shape should change so it appears to get taller and narrower. Using a grid, the Vanishing Point filter lets you do this by defining the area to modify so you can drag objects around corners and into the distance while maintaining the correct perspective. The sky's the limit! The Vanishing Point feature is opened by clicking Filter on the menu bar, then clicking Vanishing Point.


Motion Blur filter applied to layer


Motion Blur filter applied to layer

Effect of Motion Blur filter

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