Learning About the Layers Palette

The Layers palette lists all the layer names within a Photoshop file and makes it possible for you to manipulate one or more layers. By default, this palette is located in the lower-right corner of the screen, but it can be moved to a new location by dragging the palette's tab. In some cases, the entire name of the layer might not appear on the palette. If a layer name is too long, an ellipsis appears, indicating that part of the name is hidden from view. You can view a layer's entire name by holding the pointer over the name until the full name appears. The layer thumbnail appears to the left of the layer name and contains a miniature picture of the layer's content, as shown in Figure 1. To the left of the layer thumbnail, you can add color, which allows you to easily identify layers. The Layers palette also contains common buttons, such as the Delete layer button and the Create new layer button.


You can hide or resize Layers palette thumbnails to improve your computer's performance. To remove or change the size of layer thumbnails, click the Layers palette list arrow, then click Palette Options to open the Layers Palette Options dialog box. Click the option button next to the desired thumbnail size, or click the None option button to remove thumbnails, then click OK. A paintbrush icon appears in place of a thumbnail.

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