Modify drop shadow settings

1. Double-click the number in the Angle text box, then type 120. Each style in the Layer Styles dialog box shows different options in the center section. These options are displayed as you click each style (in the left column).

TIP You can also set the angle by dragging the dial slider in the Layer Style dialog box.

2. Double-click the number in the Distance text box, then type 8. See Figure 12.

TIP You can create your own layer style in the Layer Style dialog box, by selecting style settings, clicking New Style, typing a new name or accepting the default, then clicking OK. The new style appears as a preset in the Styles list of the Layer Style dialog box.

3. Click OK, then compare your screen to Figure 13.

4. Click the list arrow to the right of the Indicates layer effects icon on the Tales layer to close the list.

5. Save your work.

You used the Layer Style dialog box to modify the settings for the drop shadow.

I* Drop shadow ' appears behind text

, Displays effect(s) ■ applied in layer

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