Modify print settings

1. Click File on the menu bar, then click Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog box, as shown in Figure 40.

TIP If you have not selected a printer using the Print Center, a warning box might appear (Mac).

Page setup and print settings vary slightly in Macintosh.

2. Click the Landscape option button in the

Orientation section, then click OK.

I TIP Choose either Landscape option (Mac).

3. Click File on the menu bar, click Print, then click Proceed in the message box that opens. If a PostScript dialog box opens, click OK (Mac).

4. Make sure that the All option button is selected in the Print range section (Win) or Pages section (Mac), and that 1 appears in the Number of copies text box, then click OK (Win) or Print (Mac). See Figure 41.

You used the Page Setup command on the File menu to open the Page Setup dialog box, changed the page orientation, then printed the image. Changing the page orientation can make an image fit on a printed page better.

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