Modify steps in an action


Modified image


Modified image

TABLE 2: Methods for Modifying an Action

modification type


Rearrange steps

Move an existing step by dragging the step to a new location

in the action.

Add new commands

Click the step above or below where you want the new step

to appear, then click ^ .

Rerecord existing

Click the step you want to duplicate, click i , then click


Record Again.

Duplicate existing

Click the step you want to duplicate, click t), then click



Delete actions

Click the action you want to delete, then click .

Delete a step in

Click the step you want to delete, then click .

an action

Change options in

Click the step that has options you want to change, click i ,

an action

then click Action Options or Playback Options.

1. Verify that the Brightness/Contrast step on the Actions palette (the second step in the Button Drop Shadow action), is selected.

2. Click the Begin recording button 9 on the

Actions palette.

3. Click the Add a layer style button on the Layers palette.

4. Click Bevel and Emboss, then click OK to accept the existing settings.

5. Click the Stop playing/recording button B

on the Actions palette.

The new step is added to the existing action. Table 2 describes other ways to modify actions.

6. Click the History palette tab History then click Snapshot 1.

7. Click the Actions palette tab Actions

8. Click the Button Drop Shadow action, then click the Play selection button on the

Actions palette.

9. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 23.

You added the Bevel and Emboss style to an action, then you tested the action.

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