Move a marquee

1. Open PS 3-4.psd from the drive and folder where your Data Files are stored. Change the status bar display to show document sizes, then change the zoom factor to 200%.

2. Click the Elliptical Marquee Tool O on the toolbox.

I TIP The Elliptical Marquee Tool might be hidden under the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

3. Click the New selection button J on the options bar (if it is not already selected).

4. Drag the Marquee pointer to select the area from approximately 150 X/50 Y to 200 X/130 Y. Compare your image to Figure 14.

5. Position the pointer in the center of the selection.

6. Drag the Move pointer K so the marquee covers the thimble, at approximately 100 X/100 Y, as shown in Figure 15.

TIP You can also nudge a selection to move it, by pressing the arrow keys. Each time you press an arrow key, the selection moves one pixel in the direction of the arrow.

You created a marquee, then dragged the marquee to reposition it.


Selection in image

£ PS 3 4.psd I® 20(J!4 (RGB/8ff)


l». . . P>

|40 {60 |80 |100| |I20( jl-»i [ltd

,. i'-? . i™,. f



1. H . .ri . "1.

« '' ( » ♦ *







| 200% O

DOC: m«C/m*C >

Marquee created with Elliptical Marquee Tool


Moved selection

New marquee location


Moved selection

New marquee location


Magic Wand settings

\ • UlQP Tc^jod: 16 Swurilii! 0CM»1M □SwrpUfllUytf!

Marquee-smoothed by 7 pixels


Smoothed selection moved to the Sewing Box image

Enlarge a marquee


Smoothed selection

The document size for your image may differ

1. Click the Magic Wand Tool on the toolbox, then adjust your settings using Figure 16 as a guide.

2. Click Select on the menu bar, click Similar.

3. Click Select on the menu bar, point to Modify, then click Expand.

4. Type 1 in the Expand By text box of the Expand Selection dialog box, then click OK.

5. Click Select on the menu bar, point to Modify, then click Smooth.

6. Type 4 in the pixels text box, click OK, then compare your selection to Figure 17.

7. Click the Move Tool on the toolbox.

8. Position the Move pointer ^ over the selection, then drag the thimble to the Sewing Box image.

9. Drag the thimble so that it is below and to the left of the pin cushion, centered on the guide at 600 X.

10. Defringe the thimble using a setting of 1 pixel.

11. Rename the new layer Thimble.

12. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 18.

13. Make PS 3-4.psd active.

14. Close PS 3-4.psd without saving your changes.

You enlarged a selection marquee by using the

Similar, Expand, and Smooth commands, then you dragged the selection into an existing image.

What You'll Do

the Magic Wand Tool. You'll also flip a selection, then fix an image using the Healing Brush Tool.

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