Open the Liquify dialog box and modify the brush size

1. Open PS 13-1.psd from the drive and folder where your Data Files are stored, then save the file as Balloons.

2. Click Filter on the menu bar, then click Liquify.

3. Make sure the following check boxes are not selected: Show Mesh, Show Mask, and Show Backdrop.

4. Click the Forward Warp Tool in the

Liquify dialog box (if it is not already selected). The Liquify tools are described in Table 1.

5. Double-click the Brush Size text box, type 240, then press [Enter] (Win) or [return] (Mac).

TIP You can adjust the brush size by typing a value between 1 and 600 in the text box, pressing [[] to decrease by 2 or []] to increase by 2, or by clicking the Brush Size list arrow, then dragging the slider to a new value.

6. Adjust your settings in the Liquify dialog box so that they match those shown in Figure 3.

TIP The Stylus Pressure check box option will appear dimmed if you do not have a graphics tablet attached to your computer.

You opened the Liquify dialog box, then chose the Forward Warp Tool and a brush size.


Choosing a brush size

Option will display if tablet is installed on computer


Choosing a brush size

Option will display if tablet is installed on computer

New brush tip size

TABLE 1: Liquify Tools




Forward Warp Tool


Pushes pixels forward during dragging.

Reconstruct Tool


Unpaints recently distorted pixels completely or partially.

Twirl Clockwise Tool


Rotates pixels clockwise during dragging.

Pucker Tool


Moves pixels toward the center of the active brush tip.

Bloat Tool


Moves pixels away from the center of the active brush tip.

Push Left Tool


Moves pixels perpendicular to the brush stroke.

Mirror Tool


Copies pixels to the brush area.

Turbulence Tool


Randomly scrambles pixels.

Freeze Mask Tool


Protects an area from distortion.

Thaw Mask Tool


Makes a frozen area available for distortions.


Positioned pointer


Positioned pointer

Forward Warp Tool brush tip pointer


Effect of Forward Warp Tool


Effect of Forward Warp Tool

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