Paint a layer mask

1. Click the Zoom Tool ^ on the toolbox.

2. Select the Resize Windows To Fit check box on the options bar.

3. Click on the bananas at approximately

150 X/300 Y with the Zoom pointer until the bananas are centered and the zoom factor is 200%.

4. Click the Brush Tool on the toolbox.

5. Click the Click to open the Brush Preset picker list arrow on the options bar, then double-click the Hard Round 9 pixels brush tip.

6. Change the Painting Mode in the options bar to Normal and the Opacity to 100% (if necessary).

7. Verify that Black is the foreground color and White is the background color.

TIP Learning to paint a layer mask can be challenging. It's important to make sure the correct layer (and thumbnail) is active before you start painting, to know whether you're adding to or subtracting from the mask, and to set your foreground and background colors correctly.

8. Drag the Brush pointer O alon9 the leftmost banana until it is completely hidden. Compare your screen to Figure 5.

I TIP Select a different brush tip if the brush is too big or too small.

You used the Zoom Tool to keep a specific portion of the image in view as you increased the zoom percentage, selected a brush tip, and painted pixels on the layer mask to hide a banana.


Layer mask painted


Layer mask painted

Painted area


Modified layer mask


Modified layer mask

Modify the layer mask

1. Drag the Brush pointer O alon9 the right edge of the object, until the right-most banana is no longer visible and you revealed the nuts.

TIP As you paint, a new History state is created each time you release the mouse button.

2. Click the Zoom Tool A on the toolbox.

3. Press [Alt] (Win) or [option] (Mac), click at 150 X/300 Y with the Zoom pointer until the zoom factor is 100%, then release [Alt] (Win) or [option] (Mac).

4. Save your work, then compare your screen to Figure 6.

You painted pixels to hide the right-most banana, then reset the zoom percentage to 100%.

Editing a layer mask versus editing a layer

Modifying a layer mask can be tricky because you have to make sure that you've selected the layer mask and not the layer thumbnail. Even though the active thumbnail is surrounded by an outline, it can be difficult to see. To make sure whether the layer mask or layer thumbnail is selected, click each one so you can see the difference, then make sure the one you want is selected. You'll know if you've selected the wrong item as soon as you start painting!

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