Playing Back Actions

You can modify how actions are played back using the Playback Options dialog box, as shown in Figure 9. The playback options are described in Table 1. You can open the Playback Options dialog box by clicking the Actions palette list arrow, then clicking Playback Options. The Accelerated, Step by Step, and Pause For options control the speed at which the steps are performed.


You can reset the actions to their default settings by clicking the Actions palette list arrow, then clicking Reset Actions. Click OK to delete new actions, or Append to add new actions to the set of default actions.


Playback Options dialog box


You can return the Actions palette, along with all the other palettes, to their original size and location by clicking Window on the menu bar, pointing to Workspace, then clicking Reset Palette Locations.


Playback Options dialog box

TABLE 1: Action Playback Options




Plays all steps within an action, then makes all changes.

Step by Step

Completes each step in an action and redraws the image before advancing to the next step.

Pause For

Lets you specify the number of seconds that should occur between steps in an action.

Pause For Audio Annotation

If audio annotations are in use, this option ensures that the annotation is played before the action advances to the next step.

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