Power User Shortcuts

to do this: use this method:




» ^

Copy selection

Click Edit > Copy or [Ctrl][C] (Win) or H?][C] (Mac)

Create vignette effect

Marquee or Lasso Tool, create selection, click Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection

Cut selection

Click Edit > Cut or [Ctrl][X] (Win) or H?][X] (Mac)

Deselect object

Select > Deselect or [Ctrl][D] (Win) or H?][D] (Mac)

Elliptical Marquee Tool

or Shift M

Flip image

Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal

Grow selection

Select > Grow

Increase selection

Select > Similar

Lasso Tool

P, or Shift L

Magnetic Lasso Tool

^ or Shift L

Move Tool

Kjt orV

Key: Menu items are indicated by > between the menu name and its commai

Key: Menu items are indicated by > between the menu name and its commai

to do this:

use this method:

to do this:

use this method:

Move selection marquee

Position pointer in selection, drag to new location

Paste selection

Edit > Paste or [Ctrl][V] (Win) or fe|[V] (Mac)

Polygonal Lasso Tool

P or Shift L

Rectangular Marquee Tool

HI or Shift M

Reselect a deselected object

Select > Reselect, or [Shift][Ctrl][D] (Win) or [Shift][j£][D] (Mac)

Select all objects

Select > All, or [Ctrl][A] (Win) or te|[A] (Mac)

Select using color range

Select > Color Range, click in sample area

Select using Magic Wand

\ or W, then click image

Single Column Marquee Tool

H i

Single Row Marquee Tool


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