Power User Shortcuts

to do this:

use this method:

Apply a sharpen filter

Filter > Sharpen

Balance colors

Image > Adjustments > Color Balance

Change color mode

Image > Mode

Choose a background color from the Swatches palette

[Ctrl]Color swatch (Win) XC Color swatch (Mac)

Delete a swatch from the Swatches palette

[Alt], click swatch (Win) [option], click swatch (Mac)

Eyedropper Tool

or 1

Fill with background color

[Shift][Backspace] (Win) [delete] (Mac)

Fill with foreground color

[Alt][Backspace] (Win) [option ^[delete] (Mac)

Gradient Tool


Guide pointer

Hide a layer


to do this:

use this method:

Hide or show rulers

[Ctrl][R] (Win) (*J[R] (Mac)

Hide or show the Color Palette

[F6] (Win)

Lock transparent pixels check box on/oft


Make Swatches palette active


Paint Bucket Tool


Return background and foreground colors to default

â– jorD

Show a layer


Show hidden Paint Bucket/ Gradient Tools

[Shift] G

Switch between open files

[Ctrl][Tab] (Win) [control tab] (Mac)

Switch Foreground and Background Colors

n orX

Key: Menu items are indicated by > between the menu name and its command. Blue bold letters are shortcuts for selecting tools on the toolbox.

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