Rate and filter with Bridge


Flagged files


1. Click the Goto Bridge button iJ on the options bar.

2. Click the Folders palette tab ' ■ (if necessary), then click the drive and folder where your Chapter 1 Data Files are on the File Hierarchy tree (if necessary).

3. Click the butterfly image, file PS 1-2.tif to select it.

4. Press and hold [Ctrl] (Win) or [ &M] (Mac), click PS 1-1.psd (the image of the balloon), then release [Ctrl] (Win) or (Mac).

5. Click Label on the menu bar, then click Purple. (If a warning box opens, click OK.)

6. Click the Unfiltered list arrow, then click Show Purple Label. See Figure 11.

7. Click the Filtered list arrow, then click Show Unlabeled Items Only. Compare your screen to Figure 12.

The order of the flagged files is reordered.

8. Click the Filtered list arrow, then click Show All Items.

TIP You can change the Bridge view at any time, depending on the type of information you need to see.

9. Click File (Win) or Bridge (Mac) on the (Bridge) menu bar, then click Exit.

You labeled files using Bridge, displayed only those labeled files, then displayed the unlabeled items. When finished, you displayed all the images in the selected folder, then closed Bridge.

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