Right-clicking for everyone (Mac)

Mac users, are you feeling left out because you can't right-click? If so, you'll welcome this news: anyone (yes, even Mac users!) can right-click simply by replacing the mouse that came with your computer with any two-button mouse that uses a USB connector. OS X was designed to recognize two-button mice without having to add software. Once you've switched mice, just plug and play! You can then right-click using the (Win) instructions in the steps.

1. Position the Layer selection pointer ^ over Layer 1 on the Layers palette.

2. Drag Layer 1 to the Delete layer button on the Layers palette.

TIP You can also delete the layer by dragging the New Layer state on the History palette to the Delete current state button.

3. If the Delete the layer "Layer 1" dialog box opens, click the Don't show again check box, then click Yes.

TIP Many dialog boxes let you turn off this reminder feature by selecting the Don't show again check box. Selecting these check boxes can improve your efficiency.

You used the Delete layer button on the Layers palette to delete a layer.

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