Saturate a color range

1. Click the Small Parrot 1 layer on the Layers palette to make it active, then make the layer visible.

2. Click the Indicates layer visibility button on the Large Parrot layer to hide it.

3. Click Image on the menu bar, point to Adjustments, then click Hue/Saturation.

4. Click the Edit list arrow, then click Blues.

5. Drag the Saturation slider to +40. Saturated yellow

6. Click the Edit list arrow, then click Yellows.

7. Drag the Saturation slider to+30.

The image's blues and yellows are intensified.

8. Click OK, then compare your image to Figure 7.

You changed the saturation of two preset color ranges. As you altered the saturation, the richness of the colors became more defined.

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