Saturate using the Sponge Tool

1. Click the Sponge Tool on the toolbox.

TIP The Sponge Tool might be hidden beneath the Dodge Tool or the Burn Tool on the toolbox.

2. Click the Click to open the Brush Preset picker list arrow [ s then double-click the Hard Round 13 pixels brush tip.

3. Click the Mode list arrow on the options bar, click Saturate, then set the Flow to 100%.

4. Click and drag the pointer over the red areas (head and tail feathers) of the parrot.

The red color in the saturated area is brighter.

5. Save your work, then compare your screen to Figure 8.

You used the Sponge Tool to saturate specific areas in an image. The Sponge Tool lets you saturate spot areas rather than an entire color on a layer.

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