Skills Reference

Power User Shortcuts to do this: use this method:

Adjust color levels

Layer > Change Layer Content > Levels

Change warp type color

Double-click [~T~, click

Commit a transformation

Convert type to a shape

Layer > Type > Convert to Shape

Create faded type

lOl, J,, J, click to open Gradient picker list, then drag pointer over type

Create warped type

Double-click [~T~, click X

Display a bounding box

or V, select

0 Show Transform Controls

to do this: use this method:

Scale a bounding box

Press [Shift] while dragging handle, click yf

Screen back type

Duplicate layer, hide original layer, convert type to shape, then adjust Levels

Select Gradient Tool

J, or Shift G

Skew a bounding box

Press [Ctrl] (Win) or @ (Mac) while dragging handle, ^

Stroke a type layer

Stroke, Set color of stroke button

Turn off bounding box display

or V, deselect QShow Trwlwrn CwKroh

Key: Menu items are indicated by > between the menu name and its command. Blue bold letters are shortcuts for selecting tools on the toolbox.

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