Special thanks to the following team members:

■ MT Cozzola, who took on the formidable task of managing the entire project and made it seem easy. What problems?

■ Rachel Bunin, the development editor who knows better than to work with me, but does so anyway. She knows how to make me laugh when I feel like crying.

■ Cathie DiMassa, who managed the production end of things, and made everything turn out all right.

■ Danielle Shaw and Ashlee Welz Smith, who were able to make short order of a lengthy book by doing a super job of getting the bugs out of these chapters.

■ Nicole Pinard, who helped make this vision a reality and who makes assembling the perfect team possible.

■ Marjorie Hunt, whom we are delighted to have back at the helm as Managing Editor on this project.

■ Christina Kling Garrett, who can answer any question and solve any problem.

I would like to add a special thanks to my husband, Michael, for his emotional and professional support, and to my mother, Mary Eisner, for her support and enthusiasm. Their contributions make this book possible.

Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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