Step-by-Step Instructions

This book combines in-depth conceptual information with concise steps to help you learn Photoshop. Each set of steps guides you through a lesson where you will apply Photoshop tasks to a dynamic and professional project file. References to large colorful images and quick step summaries round out the lessons. You can download the Data Files for the steps at the following URL:

The figures in this book are provided to help you follow the steps, and the callouts should help you locate icons, buttons, and commands on the screen. When a figure points out a color or color change, you should use it to guide your eye to the relevant location on your monitor screen.

icu£* > i)uiiily Ihil i nin a Df«ijJi y xir mirlt bUxIk nil iif Jfi arlnl'l cucL tiling in uwirtmtnl brush ttvario. hhj on ante imny IMKCMII^L mtol fawilind hnls giv* yn> tlx khilily In chinjit hrinlv iilc*. tlu|>rc, *nj rvfXI li'K ift which i bnah iln&t iiJt». VOu an uh Uic Fjldi Tool Ml Hit Hwlinfl l£itd»i Tt"jl Id nuke rvpjin to ipocifk iriu

Wtul You Have Learned:

■ I : .V, :. . I ., 11 I 1. c l-i., -1 ■ >: •• ,■

* ItnWlnfUtdlWttCk

* How In imuAgt piuli

* Ikw In luul* fctuab htniy

Flow Airbrush (fleet Mllit llul <Jrlri(iliilCi ktiW ifhiih fiiilU rt tft/»ynl wlulc tlw mmae hutl"n ii held.

Pr»wl Manftfrr Hcalun Ih yiHi ti i nuiudc Jlhrjrlc* tf prcirt hrutlv-«, mXchn. Criii-rnti iljlrv pML<n». <iKiUutV utalnm jfcwpci, jnJ UuU.

|i».'ftv* and ii hiAJf n limkr liw Mwlintl lltiMh Tint tiu an mm- IhU lm>l lu inn ■ wlftS< J in *ilh pi»|] Ir"m jiWhrr jrr» u k tulUf n. 1H!i li e 1'iuh W «iiJ die

I Sctnll I he jrra yinl wanl t, i in, ilKk

Itw S"iirct >vtiun buUun «n lhf .* Kir, Uirti llir wlctlimt •hit llw ipu ymi win! I" mpWjIr. ■ Scfeil llw jfu ►mi wjnt i«rf*ijtnl, dibit llw DoL'iuIko 'wit"" "i li k IfDliilU lur lllrti ili*£ like ultClnft


||«Hi4iMttlli4«ii riflM ttKi Jif

MMbd&IVjCb hmdir ravrftiHnhfi uU a0yhU imoI tmt iai» pu P* **

m ■



TABLE 1! Painting Tools



• lltd

St=E>JUc T'Hil

1 IT"**

SM* Mi lltbflr ii if yui A J&jrd y.ur ink. (IktHm under Hw Hlur T«i 1

Sharpen IW


Inti, (Hidden U

L hetuncn pitritu itiviiqS a durf. CT»f

Klrr lU Hlur Tih4,)

®ur Ten)

Tlivtmo Aft IF Mum J l'»'L

■»' hftwnTi pwh, d>Hm( *

n«Vt* Tool

1 Jiihltnj urdrn

ing pmh. HiVinfli fcghkr.

Burn Tool


1 ijrltcrn mkkrlyU pull. ph inj » ridwr, ™n|»iifJ jppcnncc- under the Dudge Tool)

Sponge Tu.J

lucre*!*!« A* uturatinfi Jt iJo^f T-il.l

uvi Ihe purity ain by ututjling llw i<il<», 1 Hidden urxkr llw

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