TABLE 1: Transform Control Tools

tool button use

Reference point location button

Set horizontal position of reference point text box Use relative positioning for reference point button

Set vertical position of reference point text box

Set horizontal scale text box Maintain aspect ratio button Set vertical scale text box Set rotation text box Set horizontal skew text box Set vertical skew text box Switch between transform and warp modes button

Cancel transform (Esc) button Commit transform (Return) button

The black dot determines the location of the reference point. Change the reference point by clicking any white dot on the button.

Allows you to reassign the horizontal location of the reference point.

Determines the point you want used as a reference.

Allows you to reassign the vertical location of the reference point.

Determines the percentage of left-to-right scaling.

Keeps the current proportions of the contents within the bounding box.

Determines the percentage of top-to-bottom scaling.

Determines the angle the bounding box will be rotated.

Determines the angle of horizontal distortion.

Determines the angle of vertical distortion.

Toggles between manual entry of scaling and warp styles.

Returns to the image without carrying out transformations. Returns to the image after carrying out transformations.

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