Understanding the Histogram palette

Using the Histogram palette, you can watch as you adjust color settings such as levels, curves, color balance, and hue/saturation. When the Histogram palette opens, you'll see the compact view: a single chart containing a composite channel for the image. You can view all the channels in color using the menu options on the list arrow on the palette. As you make color adjustments, the Histogram palette is updated. In addition to the modifications, the original settings are displayed as a light-colored shadow. This makes it easy to see how the settings have changed.

1. Click the Small Parrot 2 layer on the

Layers palette to make it active, then make the layer visible.

2. Click the Indicates layer visibility button I® on the Small Parrot 1 layer to hide it.

4. Click the Histogram palette list arrow E , then click Expanded View (if it is not already expanded).

5. Click the Histogram palette list arrow i , then click All Channels View.

6. Click the Histogram palette list arrow ©, then verify that the Show Statistics and Show Channels in Color commands at the bottom of the menu contain check marks.

7. Click Image on the menu bar, point to Adjustments, then click Levels.

8. Drag the Shadows slider to 40, the Midtones slider to 0.90, and the Highlights slider to 200, click the Source list arrow on the Histogram palette, then click Selected Layer. See Figure 9.

Did you notice that the levels on the Histogram palette changed as you modified the Levels settings?

9. Click OK, then compare your work to Figure 10. 10. Save your work, then reset the palette locations.

You modified levels for shadows, midtones, and highlights. You were also able to see how these changes were visible on the Histogram palette.

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