Understanding the Layers Palette

The order in which the layers appear on the Layers palette matches the order in which they appear in the image; the topmost layer in the Layers palette is the topmost layer on the image. You can make a layer active by clicking its name on the Layers palette. When a layer is active, it is highlighted on the Layers palette, the name of the layer appears in parentheses in the image title bar. Only one layer can be active at a time. Figure 26 shows an image with its Layers palette. Do you see that this image contains five layers? Each layer can be moved or modified individually on the palette to give a different effect to the overall image. If you look at the Layers palette, you'll see that the Finger Painting layer is dark, indicating that it is currently active.


Get in the habit of shifting your eye from the image in the work area to the Layers palette. Knowing which layer is active will save you time and help you troubleshoot an image.

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