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Blurring Colors

You can create the same finger-painted look in your Photoshop image that you did as a kid using paints in a pot. Using the Smudge Tool, you can create the effect of dragging your finger through wet paint. Like the Brush Tool, the Smudge Tool has many brush tips that you can select from the Brushes palette, or you can create a brush tip of your own.


You can use the Smudge Tool to minimize defects in an image.

Smudging Options

Figure 14 shows an original image and three examples of Smudge Tool effects. In each example, the same brush tip is used with different options on the options bar. If you select the Smudge Tool with the default settings, your smudge effect will be similar to the image shown in the upper-right corner of Figure 14.

®In this lesson, you'll smudge pixels to create a surreal effect in an image.

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