Use the Forward Warp Tool


Enlarged balloon

Enlarged yellow balloon pushes pink balloon out of view

1. Position the Forward Warp Tool pointer ©

over the bottom-right edge of the yellow balloon, as shown in Figure 4.

2. Drag the yellow balloon to the right and down so it pushes the right pink balloon out of the image, as shown in Figure 5.

TIP You can return an image to its previous appearance by clicking Restore All in the Reconstruction Options section of the Liquify dialog box. The Reconstruct button undoes each action of the brush, much like the Undo command or History palette.

3. Use the Forward Warp Tool pointer © in different locations of the yellow balloon to create a curved effect around the bottom.

4. Click OK to close the Liquify dialog box.

5. Save your work, then compare your image to Figure 6.

You used the Forward Warp Tool to distort the pixels of the balloon in an image. By dragging, you pushed the pixels forward, giving the balloon a larger, distorted appearance.

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