Using Automation

Have you ever performed a repetitive task in Photoshop? Suppose you create an image with several type layers containing different fonts, and then you decide that each of those type layers should use the same font family. To make this change, you would have to perform the following steps on each type layer:

■ Double-click the layer thumbnail.

■ Click the Set the font family list arrow.

■ Click the Commit any current edits button.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to speed up commonly performed tasks like this one? That's where automation, courtesy of the Actions feature, comes in. Using this feature you can record these five steps as one action. Then, rather than having to repeat each of the steps, you just play the action.


Many programs have a feature that records and then can play back repetitive tasks. Other programs call this feature a macro, script, or behavior.

Tools You'll Use

Plays selection \

Begins recording

Actions palette tab

Displays action contents

Creates set

Creates Deletes action selection

[sj Notes Tool

Audio Annotation Tool

Dock to Palette Wsl Button Mode

New Action... New Set.,, Duplicate Detete Play

Start Recording Record Agar... Insert Menu Item.. Insert Stop..,

Action Options,.. Playback Options..

Clear All Actions Reset Actions Load Actions... Replace Actions...

Save Actions,..

Commands Frames Image Effects Production Text Effects Taxtures Video Actions Workspaces

Existing action sets

Changes the name of the annotation author

Change the size Changes the color of of the text font in the annotation icon the note

What You'll Do

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