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Paint and patch an image. Create and modify a brush tip. Use the Smudge Tool. Use a library and an airbrush effect.



Painting Pixels

In addition to the color-enhancing techniques you've already learned, Photoshop has a variety of painting tools that let you modify colors. Unlike the tools an oil painter might use to apply pigment to a canvas, such as a brush or a palette knife, these virtual painting tools let you change existing colors and pixels.

Understanding Painting Tools

In most cases, you use a painting tool by selecting it, then choosing a brush tip. Just like a real brush, the brush size and shape determines how colors are affected. You paint the image by applying the brush tip to an image, which is similar to the way pigment is applied to a real brush and then painted on a canvas. In Photoshop, the results of the painting process can be deeper, richer colors, bleached or blurred colors, or filter-like effects in specific areas. You can select the size and shape of a brush tip, and control the point at which the brush stroke fades.

Learning About Brush Libraries

Brushes that are used with painting tools are stored within a brush library. Each brush library contains a variety of brush tips that you can use, rename, delete, or customize. After you select a tool, you can select a brush tip from the default brush library, which is automatically available from the Brush Preset picker list arrow. Photoshop comes with the following additional brush libraries:

■ Assorted Brushes

■ Basic Brushes

■ Calligraphic Brushes

■ Drop Shadow Brushes

■ Dry Media Brushes

■ Faux Finish Brushes

■ Natural Brushes

■ Natural Brushes 2

■ Special Effect Brushes

■ Square Brushes

■ Thick Heavy Brushes

■ Wet Media Brushes

Tools You'll Use

Patch Tool

Smudge Tool k

Brush Tool

Dodge Tool

Brushes Preset picket -

Brushes palette list arrow

Brushes palette menu -

New Brush Preset...

Rename Brush.,, Delete Brush

Text Only

1 Thumbnail Large Thumbnail Small List Large List v* Stroke Thumbnail

Preset Manager...

Reset Brushes.,. Load Brushes.., Save Brushes... Replace Brushes...

Assorted Brushes Basic Brushes Cafcgraphic Brushes Drop shadow Brushes Dry Media Brushes Faux Finish Brushes Natural Brushes 2 Natural Brushes Special EFFect Brushes Square Brushes Thick Heavy Brushes wet Media Brushes

Click to open the Brush Preset picker list arrow

Toggle the Brushes palette button

Brushes palette tab


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